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It was only 30 years ago that cooking with cannabis was considered taboo and just something for the dedicated "stoner." The only health and wellness benefits of the plant's resin-filled buds were thought to be laughing and maybe getting a good night's rest. Even the increase in appetite from THC (aka "the munchies") got a bad rap for leading users down the aisles of 7-11 in search of junk food.

 Of course, unless you've avoided the topic since your college years, you probably know by now that there are tons of health benefits to weed, that cooking with it is a healthy and widely-accepted alternative to smoking it; and that it has nothing to do with getting high unless you want to.

And that's not all. In the past, folks only really had the option of making pot brownies or cookies, that often ended up tasting more like grass cuttings than fudgy or peanut buttery goodness. But the world of edibles has expanded and so have the means to make one's own at home. Making homemade cannabis candies and gummies means being able to make a product that is dosed precisely for your tolerance and medical symptoms, medicated with the strain of your choice, and results in medicine that is far more discrete than smoking or vaping could ever be. For potent relief from symptoms like pain, inflammation, nausea, lack of appetite, and mood or sleep disturbances, making sweets at home is a fun, practical, and cost-efficient skill to acquire. All you need are some molds.



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If you aren't making your potent cannabis candies yet, now is the time to start learning. Here are our top five reasons why creating cannabis candies—gummies, hard candies, chocolates, etc.—are better than smoking weed.



1. You don't have to get high

 Although the primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis is THC, a cannabinoid, you can create candies from the flower that is not decarboxylated (the process of heating the bud to change THC-A into its psychoactive form, THC), or you can use a CBD-dominant herb or tincture to eliminate the psychoactive element. 

2. Canna-candies can work as anti-oxidant supplements

Cannabis is chock-full of antioxidants that our bodies use to protect us from stress, cellular damage, blood vessel disease, and cancer. They’re our only defense against “free radicals,” the reactive molecules that can wreak havoc on our bodies.

3. It’s way healthier than smoking

Inhaling pot smoke causes inflammation of the respiratory system, and studies show that those who smoke marijuana can end up with as much tar than those who smoke cigarettes. Using cannabis gummies and candies has zero of the same drawbacks as smoking and introduces zero harmful carcinogens into the lungs, and it even leads to a more intense, longer-lasting high.

 4. Cannabis candies are ideal for potent medicine

 The more intense, longer lasting high we mentioned is because it's the liver that processes cannabis when it is eaten, changing THC into a much more potent chemical through metabolism. For pain patients, this is excellent news. Not only will medicated cannabis gummies help locate and neutralize pain and provide more relief, for a longer duration of time—anywhere from four to six hours.

After generations of misinformation, the National Cancer Institute finally updated its website to reflect the fact that cannabis isn’t just useful in helping eliminate the symptoms that result from cancer treatment—nausea, loss of appetite, severe pain, discomfort—it can even fight cancer.

5. Medicated candies can efficiently reduce nausea better than other methods

 The cannabis in edibles takes longer to become bioavailable, but if you know when to anticipate the nausea symptoms, then you can consume your gummies ahead of time to counteract the sick feeling before it takes hold.

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