About us

Welcome to our About Us page. We are Adam and Carly, the proud owners of Avery Road Products.

  Our Story

Having 2 small children we quickly learned the importance of always having a snack on hand at all times. Wanting the best for our kids we became super conscious of what was in their snacks as well as our own. We both couldn’t believe the amount of sugar and preservatives that were added to everything.

And that my friend’s is how our business began. We wanted to bring a healthy alternative to the world of snacks and be able to have fun and get creative with them. Not only are they a fun and surprisingly easy activity to make with your little ones, we also love being able to make little gummies to share with friends and their kids. Everyone is always so surprised and say, “You made these?”

It’s been a lot of fun coming up with new ideas for products as well as testing them out with so many different recipes. Our portfolio is starting to diversify and this is only just the beginning. We love hearing feedback and receiving new product ideas from customers.

So THANK YOU for being a part of our journey!

Where Avery Road Products is Heading

We are incredibly grateful that our business is expanding at a rapid rate. Continuing to develop DIY Candy making and general homewares. We are also moving into arts, crafts, science and parties. So stay tuned as products are being released and developed faster than we had expected. We are expanding into markets across the world. Now selling in the US & Canada, soon to be Asia, Europe and Australia. 

Our commitment to you

Avery Road has a very quick response time because we know customer service is important to you. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee because we stand behind the quality of our products and your happiness matters. Like mentioned above we are grateful to all of our customers. We love hearing feedback as it helps us grow as well as see things through a different perspective. Make sure you don’t forget to sign up to be on our mailing list as we have special discounts and pre-sales for existing customers. Oh, and don’t worry, you wont be bombarded with emails or spam because nobody likes that.


Adam + Carly 

Avery Road Products